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Posted on: Jun 24, 2011

Our focus is to deliver technology solutions that support advanced business processes and provide competitive advantages in today’s demanding environment. We partner with our clients to find ways to help them streamline business processes and deploy world class technology solutions to lower costs, improve efficiency, provide superior customer service, and increase profits. We have a strong commitment to on-going Research and Development to harness proven as well as emerging technologies to give our clients that elusive competitive edge so necessary in our changing industry.

Our Applications Solutions are the result of the comprehensive industry knowledge of our product managers and developers who have decades of collective experience dealing with the problems and challenges that our clients face on a daily basis. The internet, among other technology breakthroughs, has enabled our solutions to be deployed globally, and allows our clients and their customers to have a real time view of business operations across the world. Our maritime and drayage blog is a free resource for you to explore the latest news coming from the transportation and logistics industry. Visit us regularly for the latest information on regulations, issues, and solutions to the many topics that interest our operations. We welcome your comments, input and inquiries!

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